Care and cleaning

Jewelry is delicate and should be treated with care. 

We recommend using a soft T-shirt or a treated polishing cloth, like a Sunshine Cloth, to remove tarnish and keep Sterling Silver and 14k gold pieces shining bright. Be sure to avoid cleaning with paper towels or other coarse materials, as they can scratch your jewelry.  

protecting your jewelry

To extend the life of your jewelry, remove before exercise, swimming, housework, and bathing.  Be sure to keep your jewelry away from cleaning products, perfumes, oils, and lotions, and any other abrasives or solvents as they can affect the surface. 

 We stand behind our craftsmanship, but our jewelry is not unbreakable.  Gold and Silver are soft metals, and can be bent and scratched.  Glass and stones may chip or break if dropped or knocked too hard. We suggest storing jewelry in a soft cloth pouch or lined box to protect it between wears.

 Taking these precautions will help ensure that your jewelry stays in top shape for many years of pleasure.