Large Clair Ring

Large Clair Ring


Born from the light of the moon.

In ancient times, moonstones were believed to be rays of moonlight in solid form. The gems carry with them a rich history of mythology and mysticism. They’ve been tied to the ocean’s tides, the moon’s phases, and gods and goddesses continents apart.

The exceptionally translucent, vivid moonstones we use have become exceedingly rare. They begin like drops of water, clear and placid, then suffuse with lucid blue when struck with directional light.

A drop of moonlight tethered to a golden band. The Clair Ring is an elevated and unexpected addition to your daily rotation. The moonstone charm dances and flashes with vivid blue when worn.

Wear it alone, stacked with the Corona and Luna Rings, or worn as a pinky ring to take full advantage of its movement.  

  • Moonstone, 14k yellow gold.

  • Band measure approximately 2mm wide.

  • Moonstone measures 8 x 10mm

  • Available in rose or 18k yellow gold upon request.

Cyril jewelry is handcrafted to order. Please allow 3-5 weeks for production.  

For rush orders, special sizing, and custom inquiries, please contact us and we'll make every effort to accommodate your request.

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