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Jewelry, flooded with light. 

Jewelry that evokes moonlit puddles, the earth's molten core, and dustlight.  Cyril Studio is informed by the everyday sublime.  

Drawing inspiration from optical phenomena and museum aesthetics, the collection pairs luminous organic materials with minimal forms that contain their magic.  The result is refined, sculptural jewelry that bends and emits light.  


Cyril Studio was founded by Leila Du Mond in 2017.  The collection is designed and crafted in New York using precious metals and drops of light.  


Leila Du Mond is a East Coast based artist and designer.  She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology.  To learn more about Leila's practice, visit

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Designing with Light


In the Middle Ages, art and religion were inextricably tied.  Concepts of divinity and purity were central to works of the time, and rock crystal’s material properties made it a natural choice to convey these ideologies.  It was prized for its luminosity and clarity, and its value was equal to that of gold.  


Working with quartz is working with drops of light.  Each stone is a vessel that floods and flashes with the sun’s rays.  And what could be more precious than drops of the sun, the moon?


Process + Materials


The collection is designed and crafted in small batches in our New York studio.   Our jewelry is made using ancient techniques alongside innovative processes that upend tradition.  


Every piece is handcrafted with natural gemstones and precious metals.  Slight variations from piece to piece are a result of our artisan production methods, and ensure that your jewelry is entirely unique to you.  

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